NBA Star Patrick Patterson Refers To Black Women As Bulldogs.

Does color really matter?? There have been a lot of discussions on this topic but the realty is that when it comes to marrying someone we really want a fair person.

Why? because this has been served to us as a dessert that a fair skin person is beautiful.Same thing came forward when the well known NBA star Pattrick Paterson referred to dating a black woman equal to being with a bull dog.

There has been a lot of buzz after this statement and fans have been commenting there thoughts on his instagram post. Let’s read on to get to know about what happened in detail below:After responding to a fan on Instagram who suggested that Patrick wouldn’t have a chance with his white wife if he weren’t in the NBA, Patrick Patterson is hot water.

Patrick responded by naming bulldogs from black women whom he later apologized for.

It all began when a picture of his wife Sarah Nasser was shared by Patterson, wishing her a Happy Anniversary when a fan replied in women to his decision. The fan asked why he waited until he had money to start pursuing white women and insinuated that if he worked with his girlfriend in Walmart he wouldn’t have He said, “So I should settle for a bulldog and pretend like I’m happy with my life and preach to the universe’ keep it in yourgore’ as if Dr. King didn’t brawl for justice.,

Tolerance, both communities that love each other and despise each other? “No thank you,” the 30-year-old basketball player continued. “Maybe this is your life, but I don’t want it for my friends or mine. It doesn’t matter color. We’re waking up.

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