Black Family Creates Buzz On Social Media Because All The Children Became Doctors Like Their Father

Parenting is never a walk in the park, but the craft seems to be perfected by some men. It’s not always what many parents want to be able to live a life that can encourage your children to work hard to become like you.

Kids gorge their own paths in life in most societies–even if they are directed by their family. Yet one Nigerian-American family has accomplished an incredible goal, causing a storm on social media after all the four children in the family have become doctors like their father.

This can be considered one of the best goals of the community –but only achievable through dedication and outstanding skills. Now that all the kids have become physicians, a Nigerian-American family is making a huge buzz in social media and the medical field. It was not an easy task to do, but they were all able to succeed with tremendous dedication and extraordinary skill.

Family objectives certainly! Their uncle, Herbert Oye, who is also a physician, left Nigeria in the 1970s in search of a greener pasture in the United States. He attended medical school and worked hard in West Virginia to eventually open up his own practice of vascular surgery. He then moved to Nigeria, establishing a ho-spital.

Of addition, he was motivated by his four siblings— David, Monique, Michele, and Melissa Oye — and they all wanted to become physicians. We certainly don’t have their own procedures, but that’s their ultimate objective. While, in Beckley, West Virginia, their uncle is still a practicing doctor. His specialty focuses on different treatments, including specialized wound care, endovascular surgery, vascular surgery, and more.

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