First Black Teen Author Ever To Write 3 Books Being Used By School Districts Across The Country – Video

Fifteen-year-old Essynce Moore is the only African American teen writer to compose three books for several school district curricula : Hillside, NJ School District; Brooklyn, NY Charter School(s); and Orange, NJ School District.

Her novels were part of a series she created called The Chronicles of the Middle School. When the first book of Essynce (6th Grade Middle School Chronicles) was published in 2015, it became a winner for Amazon Top Global.

Her second book (Chronicles of the 7th grade middle school) was published in 2016 and her third book (Chronicles of the 8th grade middle school) was released in April 2017.

The third book concludes the series, and will buy each of the novels. Although several school districts are already using them, Essynce hopes to have her Middle School Chronicles book series as mandatory reading and part of their education in more schools around the world.

The books can be used to educate middle school students, to aid improve self-esteem, to navigate other problems with teachers / friends, to encourage young people to pursue their goals today, and so much more. The youthful protegé and trendsetter, in addition to writing novels, is a fantastic presenter who enjoys encouraging and inspiring people at colleges, conventions, seminars, etc.

She traveled throughout the nation to encourage and empower kids, tweens, teenagers, students in school, and adults. It is modesty to be called a “role model!” Ssynce claims she’d love to meet Madonna, Tyler Perry, Ellen DeGeneres, George, Steve Harvey, Zendaya, Rihanna, Michelle Obama, Ian Somerhalder, and many more.

She also wants to visit schools across the country and explore entrepreneurship development programs and other resources centered on teens, tweens and teenagers. Essynce is a 15-year-old female entrepreneur, girls, tweens and teenagers stylist / fashion designer, model, motivational speaker, spa and salon manager, and writer from Hillside, New Jersey.

She won proclamations from New Jersey State, Passaic County, and Hillside Borough. For numerous fashion shows, pageants, and karate competitions, she has also participated. She was introduced at NY Fashion Week and Atlanta Kids Fashion Week, appeared in multiple interviews with newspapers, radio, media, press, conventions, and is a member of the New York Youth Chamber of Commerce.

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